As promised: How to preserve your opened wine a whole lot longer than you have been.

As promised, here’s the video on how to crack open a coveted bottle of wine, drink a glass, and preserve the rest for as long as you want to.

By bottling wine just as the winery does, the techniques shown let you — and your wine — cheat death. Call it hacking a bottle. Or jailbreaking your wine as you would an iPad. Doing so gives you control over your vino so that you can down a glass over and over again over several years, if you desire, so long as you have a smaller-sized bottle in which to place the remainder for the next time you want it.

Simply put, you drink some wine and then add a minuscule touch of (truly delicious) potassium metabisulfite, an antioxidant, to preserve the rest. Such supplies — including corks, corkers, bottles and screw caps — are online at and

If Apple were a winery, Steve Jobs would be freaking out right now. Fine by me. I like raising my glass to a control freak freaking out.

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