The Reading List.

The Billionaire’s Vinegar

The funnest, most suspenseful book I’ve read in ages, and the most suspenseful one I’ve ever read about wine. The narrative is rich, and you continuously have to know what happens next.

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Judgment of Paris

A must-read. The story behind the Time article that helped legitimize and vitalize California’s wine industry. A lot of great detail on the births of many legendary Napa wineries.

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The House of Mondavi

High drama! When Robert Mondavi’s wife gets a luxurious mink coat for a visit to the White House, the expense drives his own brother and mother to banish him from the family business. What’s he do? He starts his own winery. He did pretty well: You’re more likely to covet a bottle of Mondavi Reserve Cabernet than a bottle of Charles Krug “Vintage Selection Cabernet.”

Charles Krug? I am so sher.

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Greetings, vinous viewers!

Newly slain 2010 Napa Cabernet.

The Bottling Room is named for the spot in which wineries, in their last creative act before distribution, draw their alcoholic produce from a tank and lock it into glass vessels for later enjoyment — or not. Particularly, it’s named for the bottling room in which I capped — I can’t say corked — thousands of gallons of wine, starting when I was as young as a barely drinkable Barolo from Italy.

By that time, the place was in its last days: Dusty, old and crumbly, festooned with thousands of empty bottles, oak barrels that were aging without any wine to age inside of them, and 29,000-gallon redwood tanks (the stainless steel of 100 years ago) collapsing from their own decades-long thirst. But it’s where my wine journey, which now leads here, started. Enjoy this space as it develops — or not.

Wine! Where to get it! The people who make it and what they have to say! Insights! And coverage of the puzzling questions that are swirling around inside every wine drinker’s head, complete with answers!

For now, however, in an attempt to provide content without having to do any labour whatsoever, I have provided the links below to get you the hell out of here as fast as possible.

List of Wine Personalities via Wikipedia
Sommelier Journal
Steve Heimoff’s site

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