About the Bottling Room

The Bottling Room is named for the spot in which wineries, in their last creative act before distribution, draw their alcoholic produce from a tank and lock it into glass vessels for later enjoyment — or not. Particularly, it’s named for the bottling room in which I capped — I can’t say corked — thousands of gallons of wine, starting when I was as young as a barely drinkable Barolo from Italy.

By that time, the place was in its last days: Dusty, old and crumbly, festooned with thousands of empty bottles, oak barrels that were aging without any wine to age inside of them, and 29,000-gallon redwood tanks (the stainless steel of 100 years ago) collapsing from their own decades-long thirst. But it’s where my wine journey, which now leads here, started.

Published on March 18, 2011 at 5:29 am  Comments (2)  

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  1. A Barolo from Italy, huh? My real estate broker is also Italian (Mattucci).
    I’m excited to read more. My husband and I love wine and my parents are growing grapes, so keep on writing.

    • Well, thanks for making the only comment in my first week up! Curious to know what your faves are and what your parents are growing!


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